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Dablicator is a big idea wrapped up in a little product. Known for its versatility and ease of use, the visionary team at Dablicator set out to create a new product category around dispensing oil. Our charge was to help translate that vision into reality, while not visually upstagging co-branded partners whose oil fills Dablicator’s. What we devised is a modern, contemporary brand design and expression that reflects Dablicator’s straightforward functionality and ease of use.

ABC x Dablicator

“The vision ABC presented for Dablicator is inspiring. It motivated us to think beyond today and gave us direction for where we want to to go tomorrow. We absolutely love the rebrand work ABC did, and so do our customers. The new Dablicator identity ABC created is approachable and confident just like us. We look forward to working with ABC for years to come!”

-Mike McDonald, President, Dablicator

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