Empowering Small Businesses Through Brand Strategy & Design: My Entrepreneurial Journey By Sam Arellano

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In the fast-paced realm of marketing, my two-decade career has been a testament to passion, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to the comprehensive notion of “brand.” As an accomplished executive, my entrepreneurial story intertwines with long residencies as corporate marketing leader. As an entrepreneur I’ve owned retail stores, and multiple brand strategy and design agencies. Firms that under my leadership produced globally recognized campaigns for Nike, Red Bull, Giant Bicycles, Incase, among others. However, it’s my journey beyond these category leading brands that defines my commitment to democratizing brand strategy for small to midsize businesses.

My Diverse Career in Health and Wellness, Contemporary Fashion, and Sporting Goods

With a career spanning health and wellness, contemporary fashion, and sporting goods, I’ve witnessed the struggles of small to midsize businesses with brand strategy and design. Often overlooked during the start up period, branding remains a vague puzzle piece for many entrepreneurs. Wrongly considered too complex (and potentially too pricey), many entrepreneurs believe brand strategy and design are too far removed from core business fundamentals. What these small to midsize business owners fail to see is that “brand” is as fundamental as their originating reason for being, business plan, or unique sales proposition. 

Breaking the Myth: Brand Strategy and Design as a Fundamental Business Pillar

It’s been said that “good design is good business.” I created ABC to provide small to midsize businesses (SMBs) with brand strategy and design solutions equal to that of larger more established brands, but at a fraction of the cost. Oftentimes “brand” is the last place operators look to solve business challenges. In part because the idea ofwhat it means to be a “brand” remains vague. Additionally small business owners are known to wait too long to address fundamental business needs, only until problems become insurmountable do they look to solve for “brand” and business incongruencies. Unsurprisingly, most small business owners don’t believe they have the financial resources to get the brand guidance they need from someone or agency with the ability to solve for their unique set of circumstances. 

ABC is here to debunk the myth that small businesses lack resources for expert brand guidance. As a small business owner myself, I understand the need to manage resources wisely. This is why I offer 1:1 hourly brand advisory consultation and retained FractionalLeadership to support the needs of our clients. Either option is great for executive coaching, strategic guidance, brand strategy, competitive analysis, market research, account strategy, product market fit, go-to-market strategy, team building, etc. – all without the long term commitment and financial exposure that comes from recruiting and retaining senior staff.

ABC Brand Design Offers Advisory Services and Design Solutions Tailored to Your Business

We believe sound brand strategy and good design should be accessible to every business (not just the ones with deep pockets). Key to our success is empathy –also known as Human Centered Design or Design Thinking which contends that all problems can be solved by combining a deep empathetic understanding of the user experience with creativity. At ABC, businesses of varying size and industry are treated as VIPs regardless of project scope. And each one gets exactly the services and/or deliverables they need to achieve their goals.

Recognition in Major Publications and Conferences

I’ve had the honor of being interviewed by Forbes, Business Insider, i-D, DAZED, Dieline, and Vice. I’ve shared insights and experiences speaking at conferences nationwide, and I enjoy “giving away” business advice to anyone interested in receiving it. Sam Arellano LMCC

ABC Brand Design –Redefining Small Business Success through Brand Advisory Services and Design Solutions

ABC is more than a brand strategy and design agency; we are beacon of hope and empowerment to small to midsize business owners and operators seeking improved business outcomes. From passion to purpose, expertise to accessibility, ABC reshapes the narrative of small business success in ways that multiplies value for clients. Every business has a story, and ABC is here to help tell it boldly and brilliantly. 


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