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Choosing a strategic branding partner is a big decision. We aim to empower and educate you with open, honest, and reliable information to help you plan for your project. We candidly address FAQs to eliminate the guesswork and make hiring ABC easier.

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At ABC, our breadth and depth of experience sets us apart. Our diverse portfolio spans hundreds of clients, ranging from dynamic startups to well-established corporations, in more than 75 countries worldwide. This is a testament to our global reach and understanding of various markets.

Since 2005, we’ve tackled every conceivable branding challenge across numerous sectors, such as food, beverage, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, wellness, and beauty. This extensive experience ensures that we bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, and creative problem-solving strategies to every project.

Our current roster predominantly includes fast-growing B2B and B2C companies that are not just participating in their respective industries, but actively shaping the future. We thrive in this space, collaborating with these forward-thinking companies to create compelling brands that resonate with their target audience and drive growth.

Yes. We work with venture-funded startups who are ready to invest in core brand development. Most are Series A, B, or C. In a few cases, we engage before a more significant raise to prepare the brand for investment success.

Our expertise has evolved to be rooted in pattern recognition. Through years of working across numerous industries, we have solved a multitude of unique challenges. This vast experience has equipped us with the ability to identify patterns and apply our learned insights to new scenarios, regardless of the industry. We can confidently synthesize the challenges unique to your category and address them effectively, backed by our rich history of problem-solving across industries.

ABC conducts a thorough immersion to gain a deep understanding of your business. We listen intently and perform a number of discovery activities:

—Staff surveys
—Leadership interviews
—Desk research (competitive audits, visual audits, landscape audits)
—Facilitated strategic workshops

We’re very collaborative and like to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. We can’t do a great job without that iterative partnership.

We deeply value the relationships we’ve built with our clients and respect their time commitments. Therefore, we don’t request our clients to participate in calls or correspondences with prospective clients. We understand the importance of receiving insights about our work from those who have experienced it first-hand. As a solution, we have gathered testimonials from a range of projects, which are available for your review HERE. These testimonials should provide a clear idea of our approach, our working relationships, and the results we’ve achieved.

We try to prevent this by aligning our thinking to strategy and ensuring we co-create together throughout the process. From day one, we’re on your team and want to keep it that way. If you feel that our work missed the mark, we’ll talk openly about it to figure out why it isn’t working for your team. With clear feedback, understanding, and goals in mind, we’d offer our professional opinion on how to solve the problem, and then we’d get to work on doing just that.

You will have a wing person, our Director of Client Experience. This includes short weekly phone check-ins and written status updates. There are others on our team who you will meet with and who will lead various parts of the work.

Sam’s strategic vision and creative insights underpin all we do. That said, Sam is very hands on with every client. 

Sam and Johanna participate in the initial kickoff to set the tone and direction for our engagement. Following this, your dedicated team will handle the project’s intricate details. This structure allows us to give focused attention, remain agile, and deliver the best possible service to you.

Sam and Johanna communicate daily with our team leaders and offer expert advice when needed. They keep a pulse on all client work and contribute ideas to help steer it. 

ABC uses Hive, a refreshingly simple and effective project management platform. We also use FIGMA, Google, Dropbox and Slack

A comprehensive branding or rebranding project takes at least 6-8 months. A fast-track startup branding project takes at least 16 weeks.

We require a signed proposal, a signed Master Services Agreement (MSA), and a deposit to commence work.

A great fit client for ABC is one who resonates with our core values and strategic approach. They are:

  • Driven by the desire to do well by doing good.
  • “Buy-in” at the top and full leadership support.
  • Operates with a sense of purpose.
  • Believes “brand is everything.”
  • Values diversity and inclusion.
  • Open-minded to new ideas.
  • Active decision-makers.
  • Accepts and understands our fees.
  • Encourages us to follow our process.

In an exceptional situation, we may consider equity as compensation. In all equity situations, cash for services is still the lion’s share. We also must be convinced there is a clear and achievable path toward financial success.

We typically take 50% of the budget as an initial payment, then break up the remaining balance into equal installments billed monthly.

Yes. Strategy is where we are at our best. We’re happy to lead strategic work without creative execution.

While we strongly believe in the transformative power of ABC’s well-crafted strategic work, we understand that your organization might already have a strategy in place. In such cases, we would appreciate the opportunity to review your existing strategy to ensure the depth of strategy is up to par, and we can confidently execute against it. If it is, Motto® is happy to provide creative or activation services that align with your existing strategy. Our experienced team can bring your strategic vision to life through impactful design, compelling copy, and innovative campaigns. We aim to work collaboratively with you, ensuring the highest standard of quality and coherence in all the work we deliver.

Contrary to popular belief it does not mean “always be closing.” ABC is an acroymn for Arellano Brand Co –the parent company behind ABC Brand / Design. ABC also best represents our ethos of simplicity over complexity. 

ABC is set apart by our people, ideas, experience, and wide ranging business acumen. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your internal leadership team –that is we solve your problems as if they were our own.

Our advisory servies are consultative in nature and range from low barrier-to-entry options for small-to-medium size businesses, all the way to Fractional Leadership. Versatility and ultility are at the core of our service offering. Hourly or ProjectBased™ ABC Advisory Services are the smartest, easiest way to overcome your business challenges. Read more HERE.

Sam entertains Fractional Leadership opportunities at the middle and end of each year. Only under the right circumstances does he engage. Fractional support starts at 6 months and is limited to 1 year. To check Sam’s interest and availability, please use our contact from HERE.

A prepaid monthly commitment gurantees you direct access to Sam and his decades of Sales and Marketing experience. Hours are planned and alotted for weekly and do not roll over monthly. Support typically happens over video conference via Google Meet, on the phone, or real time using Slack. In person support can be arranged. Subscription Hours are available in 20/40/60 hour increments. Space is limited, please check availability on our Subscription Page

Cancel at anytime. Early cancellation fees apply. See the Subcription page for more details. 

Brand design is a simple term that emcompasses brand strategy, culture development, strategic positioning, market alignment, product market fit, identity development, naming convention, messaging, and creative expression.

The difference largely hinges on areas of expertise. While creative agencies typically specialize in dynamic media, branding agencies like ABC specialize in brand strategy, culture, positioning, market alignment and commercialization.

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