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Sam is an accomplished executive and award-winning accelerator of lifestyle brands. He’s created and produced globally recognized campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands including Nike, Red Bull, and Incase. A career sales and marketing specialist, Sam’s 20-year work history spans legal cannabis, men’s contemporary apparel, and sporting goods.

Prior to establishing ABC Brand / Design, Sam was Chief Marketing Officer at CANNDESCENT – an ultra-premium, luxury cannabis house of brands where he served as executive team member jointly responsible for the transformation and turnaround of its $35M cultivation and distribution business. Day-to-day, Sam served as hands-on leader responsible for new product development, sales, and marketing.

Before CANNDESCENT Sam served as interim Chief Brand Officer for LUMOS LABS – a Hong Kong based startup and manufacturer of the world’s first smart bicycle helmet. In 2018 LUMOS LABS was recognized by TIME Magazine as the world’s best invention for technology and mobility. Sam is responsible for the pitch that secured placement in 300+ APPLE retail stores.

At TAKEYA HYDRATION Sam led product development, sales, and marketing for the Japan based housewares and hydration manufacturer. As interim Chief Revenue Officer, Sam was principally charged with growing branded business at COSTCO, TARGET, and BEST BUY. In addition, Sam was responsible for the design and development of OEM business. Customers included LULULEMON, ADIDAS, and LIFETIME FITNESS.

In 2013 Sam served as Global Head of Marketing for GLOBE INTERNATIONAL (ASX: GLB) – a publicly traded $150M Australian surf and skate company where he opened a dozen wholly-owned retail stores around the world. Additionally, Sam drove the execution of North American marketing that increased sales 14% YoY.

In 2006 Sam co-founded GRAPHITE BRAND DESIGN – a Los Angeles based creative agency focused on luxury goods, contemporary fashion, and street culture. During his four years at GRAPHITE, Sam secured major account wins including Agency of Record for leading Apple accessories brand, INCASE.

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Sam Arellano MOSH BMX

Sam serves as advisor to ICAN California Disabilities Network – a government supported adult skills and employment agency for the mentally and physically challenged.

As a kid and into early adulthood, Sam traveled the world competing as an amateur, then professional BMX racer. In that time he won three World Campionship titles. Later Sam would transition from racer to corporate marketing manager at Giant Bicycles where he learned the ropes in international product development, sales, and marketing after years of owning Sam Arellano Fresh Jiveand operating the Fresh Jive Flagship store in Santa Monica.

Sam still lives in Manhattan Beach where he grew up. In his free time, he enjoys doing hot yoga with his wife and surfing and playing tennis with his two teenage sons.

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"Sam is a creative, articulate individual who has the skill and talent to take a client’s vision and translate it into a tangible concept."
Rachel Quizon
Rachel Quizon
Marketing Director
"Sam is one of the most prolific marketers in our industry.
His deep understanding of consumer trends has helped clients like Canndescent and Seed & Smith become brand leaders"
Rosie Mattio
Rosie Mattio
Founder / CEO
"Sam is an intensely creative individual who can craft rich branding and marketing plans while keeping core objectives and details in check."
Steve Westover
Steve Westover
VP of Marketing
“Sam and his team at ABC nailed it. The rebrand best reflects who we are and where we’re going. We made a splash when we launched and have every intention of being iconic.”
Kim Jage
Kim Jage

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